It had been 8 years since I left Japan by myself. Ive lived in Australia and the Caribbean and met my very special girl friend from Brazil in Australia where we both had hard time to start new lives and communicate in a different language in the begging.
But that made our friendship so strong and very special today.

I started dancing of dancehall after a couple years in Australia and I finally got a chance to start samba. I wanted to dance with my Brazilian friends as Most of my friends are Brazilian in Australia. I wanted to feel the same in the music, and express like they do.

And It’s very funny that I had been imagining myself dancing at carnival in Rio de Janeiro one day even before I left Japan.

After my girl friend gone back to Brazil in 2011, we kept in touch and promised that I am going to Brazil for carnival to meet her again like I had been dreaming since I was teen.
In 2013, I went to Brazil finally and met up and had an unforgettable time with her at the carnival. I loved the vybz, the culture, the expressions,the energy,the people, the voice of Brazil.

I was practicing Caribbean dance and samba in a Dance crew in Australia for a while til I left Australia for the Caribbean.

Now I’m in Kobe in Japan following the love in my heart, not to waste of time in this journey for my life goal. I was searching the beauty of my culture to get more experience and learn while I am in Japan. I came across this amazing lady, Ms. Megumi I knew her from media. I truly respect her as a woman, a person, that have nuff courage to go overseas and do the real thing.
I am thankful for my life, came so far and found this beautiful samba team that learning the roots of Brazil amazingly. When I see those children dance samba so well, make my heart so warm and smile.
I am looking forward to having fun in this team at the Kobe festival and share lives with these beautiful people.
I love singing as much as I love dance, music is life. We never stop loving music.
Thank you so much for reading, much luv to all, respect, peace, and more life…